Welcome to Kearney Aviation Center (KAC)!

Kearney Regional Airport (KEAR) right off of taxi way “C”, just look for the avfuel sign and one of our staff members to marshal you in. We are staffed by pilots and we all love aviation. It will show!

Having flown extensively in the Midwest, and on occasion to the coasts, by personal observation, high quality service at smaller FBO’s has been somewhat non-existent and typically seems to be the territory of larger operations. Kearney Aviation Center has broken the mold. High service quality at fair prices is the hallmark of KAC. Just as an example, if you happen to stop after hours, just call us and we will come out and tend to your needs. After all, we are a service business. Our goal is that when you leave our FBO, you will depart saying, “Wow, what a great experience, those folks get it!” Mr. Steve Cole, a UNK graduate in Aviation Management (also a commercial pilot) very capably manages daily operations providing this level of service on a consistent basis. Check out the comments at www.airnav.com

Kearney Aviation Center is the home of the University of Nebraska Kearney (UNK) flight training base of operation. We have 5 training and rental aircraft available and a Redbird Simulator on campus. The FBO offices and UNK flight training operations are co-located at our FBO location. We enjoy our students, many of which are international students attending UNK.

KAC is an Avfuel dealership providing an immense array of fueling options, including AVTRIP points. Options are enumerated on their website for which a link is provided at the Avfuel button on the KAC Home Page. Jet A and Avgas are available by truck to your aircraft upon your arrival. We specialize in quick turn operations.

We hope you will stop and see us and experience the difference.
Fly Safe!